We are a new start-up in a rapidly expanding Eco-Tourism/Living industry. We love Tiny Houses and the minimalistic lifestyle they embrace. Less stuff leaves us with more time, energy and money to focus on experiences, family, and the truly important aspects of life.

Our Mission

To provide the utmost comfort to our guests in semi-remote wilderness surroundings
while providing an environment in which guests and employees can learn about and
utilize different aspects of sustainable building and renewable energy technology.


Warner's Hidden Corner Currently

We currently have one off-grid Tiny House available to short term renters on 35 acres abutting the Roosevelt National Forest near the Cache la Poudre wilderness area. You can spend your vacation exploring the big hill and valley on our property, relaxing enjoying the privacy and wildlife in the meadow tucked in our valley of the Rocky Mountains. You can walk into the National Forest for a hike, go fishing in the nearby Poudre river, or spend the day in Fort Collins checking out the local breweries.



Our intention is to purchase a much larger piece of property, still just outside Fort Collins, where we can have 8 off-grid Tiny Houses for rent. Our guests would have the same luxurious accommodations as can be found in our current Tiny House, and will have access to the wilderness of Colorado and Fort Collins as well. This should come to fruition in the next three to four years after we have found the perfect parcel of land and have gone through all of the necessary requirements to operate legally in the county.



  • Legislation that does not allow for Tiny House living
  • Financial products not designed for non-traditional housing
  • Lack of allowances for off-grid utility methods ~ greywater in particular
  • Bring more collaboration with local regulatory agencies and the Tiny House community